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The Best Food Tips And Tricks Worth Trying

I’m always in search of

1. Delicious new vegan recipes

2. Tips and tricks I can use in the kitchen to make life easier

There are some weeks when I struggle to make sure all the fresh fruits and veggies get eaten before they go bad. If you are anything like me you probably get so frustrated when you have to throw out fruits and veggies. These tricks can help you extend the life of your fruits and veggies so you can have less waste. I’ve found they have worked wonders for me, maybe you will want to try them out too. Just simple changes that make a world of difference.

10 Tips and Tricks To Use In The Kitchen

1. Wash Strawberries in Vinegar Bath

I found this tip from Zero Waste Nerd. First you wash your strawberries in a vinegar bath, then dry, take out the squishy ones and store in an airtight container and Voila you have strawberries that last for 2 weeks. You can read more about exactly how to do a vinegar bath and why it works here

2. Freeze Your Avocados

I love avocados, sometimes so it’s nice to be able to snatch up a bunch and always have them in the freezer to use. (A great treat I make is a chocolate avocado shake by Kris Carr) You can learn more about exactly how to freeze avocados at The Greedy Vegan post, she even goes into how to know when it’s ripe in case you’re new to avocados. Another good tip about avocados is if they are ripe and you’re just not ready to eat them yet, pop them in the fridge and it will slow down the ripening process until you are ready to eat.

3. Store Your Onions And Garlic In A Paper Bag

This is a pretty simple one but works like a charm. Just punch some holes in a brown paper bag and store your onions, garlic, or shallots in them and it keeps them fresh for months. You can read more at The Yummy Life

4. Store Herbs Like Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh herbs ALWAYS use to be the first thing to go bad in my fridge. Thanks to this tip by Simply Recipes just put herbs into a glass jar ( I recycle my old sauce jars) and cover with a ziplock bag and you’ll have fresh herbs for weeks!

5. Store Paper Towel With Your Greens

We eat a lot of greens in my house. My husband and I always prep our lettuce by cutting, washing and storing in Tupperware. Just put a paper towel in with the greens and it will keep your greens fresh. Read more detail on exactly how to do at The Make Your Own Zone

6. Pre Chop Onions and Store in Mason Jar

Here Kelly from Wholesome Dinner Tonight mentions how she stores her leftover onions in mason jars. I have found precutting some onions in the beginning of the week and storing them in a mason jar saves a little time when your cooking throughout the week.

7. Store Your Cut Carrots and Celery In A Jar With Water

Storing your carrots and celery in a jar of water keeps them crips longer, you do have to change the water every couple of days. You can check out Sweet Simple Vegan for some more great tips to store your produce

8. Store all your fruits in Mason or airtight glass container

Seems pretty simple right? But sometimes we all get lazy and just throw the berries straight into the fridge in the same container they came in. Val from Lovely Lucky Life breaks down her process of prepping and storing her berries for a longer shelf life.

9. Freeze your herbs

During the summer I have so many herbs growing that by the end of summer I think it’s such a shame I usually can have that same abundance of fresh herbs all year long. But this is a great alternative, You can harvest your herbs, freeze them and then just use them when needed. So easy to either pop a mint ice cube into a shake, or a basil ice cube into some fresh sauce. Check out more at Garden Therapy

When I need to use up some veggies I make a “What needs to be used veggie soup”

I make the soup according to what I want to use up. So, it may be a curry or a heavier stew but I just make it up and use up what I want to use up.

I hope one of these tips was helpful to you. If you have any tips you think I can use just leave it in the comments below, I would love to hear them!

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