vegan meal ideas

*NO YEAST REQUIRED* A Delicious Vegan Bread To Make

I make fresh bread very often, pretty much everyday. That means I’m always searching for new interesting breads to make. Originally this months post was going to be about 3 new bread recipes I tried and liked. But, then my husband was unable to find yeast in the store two weeks in a row. That’s when I realized yeast was something many were missing. I figured it was the perfect time to try the flatbread recipe I had saved.

Ladies and Gentlemen it was a WINNER!

Not only is it super easy and quick to make. But it’s soft and EVERYONE in my house loved it! It’s very rare I get 6 out of 6 like something I make.

The only difference I did in making this recipe is I ONLY hand mixed everything, no electric mixer needed.

This flatbread is so versatile, mini pizzas, wraps for lunch, stick a falafel in it, slather it with hummus like my daughter did, or just eat it plain.


Would love to hear how you like this flatbread if you decide to make it. Just leave it in the comments below.

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