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4 Major Changes That Have Happened In My Life Since I Became A Vegan

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

When people talk about major changes that happen in their life once they start a plant based diet it usually all pertains to physical health. Like losing weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure etc. Yes, I have experienced some of these benefits but there are deeper things that have changed in my life since I went vegan.

#1. ALL of my digestive problems are now healed

I know this is a physical change,but it was huge and completely life changing. When I first went vegetarian I experienced a huge relief in my upset stomach every time I ate any kind of meat. I went through years in a big disconnect with my body. Not realizing that dairy was a huge culprit in my imbalanced digestive system. Like I’ve mentioned before I tried various times to go vegan when I was younger and failed, but once I truly started cutting out dairy I was able to recognize what it was doing to me when I would eat that one slice of pizza every week. Once I cut out ALL dairy it was like nothing I ever experienced. I no longer have bloating, stomach pains, or constant constipation. This was a major problem for me throughout my whole youth and even though I ate lots of veggies and only drank water that dairy I was so addicted to prevented my digestive track from running smoothly.

#2. Going vegan helped me gain more clarity in life

It may sound strange but once I went vegan it’s as thought a vail was lifted from my eyes. When I made the decision to go totally vegan and do everything in my power not to hurt any other living being I gained this deeper understanding of life, of how we should treat each other and the earth. My love for everything deepened. I’m certain to some it may sound like hooey and like complete nonsense, the fact that changing the things you eat could give you clarity in life. But it was more about me truly accepting the fact that I felt it was wrong to hurt animals in any way. It helped me allow myself to see what was happening to these animals in its absolute truth, not in a candy coated way. Seeing that clearly allowed me to open up my eyes to and accept other aspects of life.

#3. Going Vegan created many other changes in my life

Going vegan was a big change in my life and it prompted other changes in my life and my families life. Eventually, my whole family went vegan. I also consider how small things we do can create change. So, I truly contemplate all of my daily choices now. Such as trying to go as zero waste as possible (this, like going vegan, I believe is a process that you grow with/into) or being kind to all those around you. Knowing that something as simple as saying hello to a stranger or holding a door open for someone can actually bring happiness to the other person. We were all taught this as children in school, or at least I was, but I’ve found with age and the stress of “Adult Life”, people seem to forget this. Especially where I live in the city.

I completely understand in the end, all of my small actions matter

#4. My Compassion has deepened

I’ve always been a compassionate person, but it has truly deepened since going vegan. When I see a bowl of ice cream I no longer crave it like I use to when I was not vegan. It actually makes me sad, I think of the cow and all it suffered for the ice cream to come into existence. My deepened compassion is not just limited to animals. Now, when I come across someone who is rude or unpleasant to deal with it’s so much easier for me to have compassion for them. I understand they have hardships that cause them to express themselves in that way.

I’m in no way saying that these changes in life cannot happen unless you go vegan. I wanted to share with you the changes that happened to me once I went vegan, that perhaps others have experienced but you don’t hear about often.

Would love to hear about changes that happened in you life once you went vegan. Just leave it in the comments below

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