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November Recipe Find

Over the years I have tried to make many vegan sugar cookies. My children would ask me to make them, they were mainly lured in by the adorable cookie cutters they would be able to use, I would try a recipe and it would just not live up to me making it again. Then, I would abandon the sugar cookie find for a couple of months until I would hear, ” Do you think we could try to make sugar cookies again” . That prompted me to search for another recipe to try.

The main problem with many of these recipes I tried is that even after I would chill the dough either for a couple of hours or overnight, however I was directed from the recipe to do. The dough would fall apart and crumble. It was just too hard to work with, basically not enjoyable to make.

I have finally found a vegan sugar cookie that’s fantastic!

Yes, you still have to chill overnight but it does not crumble and fall apart when you roll out. I have to be honest when my husband and I ate the cookies we both thought they were delicious and had a great flavor but we haven’t eaten non vegan sugar cookies in so long we don’t really remember what they taste like.

The test for me is that EVERYONE in my household loved the cookies! I usually have at least one or two kids that just don’t really like the dish/ dessert I make. But this one was a winner with all of them.

Here it is

The Best Vegan SuGar Cookies by Nora cooks

Would love to hear how it goes for you if you decide to try these out. Leave it in the comments below

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