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What I Did With My Non Vegan Goods Once I Went Vegan

My progression to being a vegan was a slow and steady process. Eliminating one or two foods at a time, this is why I feel I was so successful, I had tried to go vegan a couple of times when I was younger and I always failed.
So, once I went 100% vegan, this for me meant reading all my ingredients labels to make sure there were no hidden non vegan foods like whey or casein, the next logical step for me was looking at the non vegan items I owned.

I had stopped buying leather awhile ago, but I had to make decisions on what I believed was right or wrong for me.

Like do I agree with using wool or alpaca hair for sweaters or knitting yarn?
Would I research if companies do animal testing?

The most important thing I believe is following what feels right to you. There will always be people that are more strict or less strict then you when it comes to being vegan. But the fact that you are being vegan in any capacity is a huge deal.

I also have to deal with items that are passed along to me from family and friends. I’m a strong believer in recycling/upcycling items. I try not waste anything and I think long and hard if I REALLY need something before purchasing.

So if something comes my way that perhaps is not vegan but I actually need it at the moment I will take it.

The longer I’m a vegan the more I’m noticing I just don’t really want anything made from animals and I’m finding myself passing along/donating the last few items I have that are non vegan.

I don’t think there is a wrong or right when it comes to this question. Just what works for you.

So what did you do with your non vegan items once you went vegan? Would love to hear, leave me a comment below

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