vegan meal ideas

Delicious Vegan Breads

It’s starting to get cold outside and what better thing to warm up than fresh baked bread? Here are three of my favorite vegan breads to make.

#1. Super Easy French Bread by patrick from looney for foOd

Patrick gives this perfectly simple and easy french bread recipe. It’s pretty much a no fail recipe for me. It’s also a versatile bread, I use it to eat with soups, make sandwiches or my kids like to just eat it plain straight out of the oven.

#2. Vegan dinner rolls bY veggie society

I love a lot of Florentina’s recipes! She has a lot of comforting and hearty recipes. This one is another great one. The only thing is you do have to make sure you either have coconut milk or cashew milk in stock but it’s definitely worth keeping it in your pantry to be able to make these whenever you feel like it.

#3 VeGan challah bread by tasty

This my friends is my FAVORITE bread! I have to confess before I made this bread I had never tasted challah bread, I was looking for a sweet bread that was sort of like the sweet bread I use to have as a kid in Colombia. This bread satisfied my craving. It is a little more complex in terms of the steps needed to put together the dough and rising time. But it is SO worth it! Plus it looks so pretty. Last time I baked this bread it lasted about 10 minutes. I’m not kidding.

Would love to hear what is your favorite vegan bread. Leave it in the comments below.

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