vegan meal ideas

Here’s A Week Of My Vegan Meals

Maddi Bazzocco

A friend of mine recently asked me to tell her what I eat in a week. I think it’s great to share with people your meal ideas and great recipes you find. I also love hearing what other vegans eat because maybe I’ll find something that I can incorporate into my meals to make food more interesting.

Like I’ve said before food should be healthy and delicious.

First, let me say I am NOT perfect,and I’m okay with that. Life happens sometimes I skip a meal. Sometimes, I feel like eating a cookie at 10:30 pm and I do. I don’t deprive myself and I don’t put any kind of stigma on food.

Real food is not evil.

I enjoy food, but I look at food like this: What I put in my body can nourish and heal me so I make an effort to eat real food. I have always paid attention to how my body feels after I eat, if you are mindful and have a connection to your body you will know what foods do not suit you and what foods do.

So, here is a week of my meals. Don’t forget I also have 4 picky kids to cook for everyday so sometimes to make life easier I cook simple meals so I’m not cooking 3 different meals every night. There are also weeks when I get bored of my average meals and experiment with new recipes. I make an effort to try at least one new recipe a week be it a sauce, dessert, or main dish.

Day 1ShakeWhite Rice, Fried Organic Tofu, homemade pickled cabbageVegetable Soup w/ Quinoa Fresh bread
Day 2Shake and Blueberry muffinChili w/ Avocado slices and Tortilla chipsTofu Parm w/ Pasta Salad w/ balsamic dressing Fresh bread
Day 3PancakesFried Tofu, Tomato, spinach with basil pesto sandwichTabbouleh salad Couscous and Falafels
Day 4Shake Quinoa Burger and chipsSpagatti w/ basil pesto Salad, fresh bread
Treat: homemade banana ice cream
Day 5Steel cut oats( with cinnamon and maple syrup)Empanadas(made with the leftover chili from day 2 as filling) Fried plaintainsLasanga 
Treat: whole foods double chocolate chip cookie
Day 6Shake, Steel cut oatsTofu Scramble sandwich with chipsVegan Burgers and French fries
Day 7Breakfast cookie Vegetable soup with homemade whole wheat breadPasta, and Salad

Now this week I ate a lot more tofu then I normally do, but the Organic tofu was on sale so I ate it. My meals change a bit weekly. Now that it’s getting cold I eat a lot more soups. I always try to have leftovers that I can use for lunch but these days since my kids are growing and eating more leftovers never really happen.

I also drink a cup a black coffee every morning, maybe I’ll stop one day but for now I enjoy it. I drink a LOT of water, pretty much that’s all I drink. Sometimes I’ll have homemade cold iced tea. (you basically brew real tea then put in the fridge to cool).

I hope this was able to give you some ideas. I’d love to hear what’s your favorite meal to eat during the week. Just leave it in the comments below.

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