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My kids 3 favorite store bought vegan cookies

Image by FranziskaBP from Pixabay

Okay, so before you read this post I should let you know that some of these cookies technically are not vegan. Not because the ingredients contained in them but because they were made in a facility that makes other products that contain eggs or milk. It depends what level of vegan stickler you are.

There are times when my family and I go to the supermarket to pick up “treats” to either go have an outdoor picnic or to go home and veg out. Yes, I bake and cook a lot and my children actually love almost everything I bake, but there’s something special for them about going to the supermarket and buying a treat. So, I simply can’t deprive them of that little pleasure. These are my kids,my husband and I enjoy them also, top 3 favorite store bought cookies.

#1. Enjoy life Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are crunchy, delicious, not too sweet and satisfying. The best part is I can find these in my local Shoprite.

#2. Whole Foods Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warning these cookies are addictive, my daughter absolutely loves these, they are constantly on her “can we get” list.

#3 Newman O’s

Yes, technically Oreos are vegan but I like giving my kids these instead and they are pretty delicious. We’ve bought these to make our own homemade blendins (using vegan ice cream of course)

Well, I hope you’ll also enjoy one of these tasty cookie.

Love to hear what are your favorite vegan store bought cookies so maybe my family can give them a try. Let me know in the comments below.

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