Recipe finds of the month

August Recipe Finds

Every month I’ll be sharing with you my new recipe finds. These recipes will be:

  1. Recipes I’ve personally tried and tested
  2. Vegan
  3. New recipes that have never been on my blog
  4. Super delicious

This month finds are

Beaming Baker:Breakfast cookies

Even though Demeter calls these breakfast cookies, these are great cookies for anytime. They have a wonderful consistency and flavor. I will be trying to tweak the recipe and take out the added sugar and simply use the maple syrup alone as the sweetener. I will keep you posted on how these turn out.

Cookie +Kate: Tabbouleh Salad

During the summer I’m always in search for new refreshing meals to make, I’m sure just like you.

Believe it or not I still had not tried to make my own tabbouleh salad until this recipe came along. It’s not difficult and it taste very authentic. I pair it with my favorite falafel recipe from Choles kitchen. It’s in this older post

Vegan cookbooks worth purchasing

Vegan Mayo: Simply Vegan Blog

As a kid I never really cared much for mayo but I’ve recently grown to love this version of vegan mayo by Iosune from Simply Vegan Blog. We use it bi weekly to make either macaroni salad or potato salad. You can also use it on sandwiches or make spreads like this vegan aioli from

Stacey Homemaker:Vegan aioli

Hope one of my new recipe finds can be your new reciepe finds.


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